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President's Invitation Message

Dear Colleague:

This letter is an invitation to join or renew your membership in the Radiation Process Simulation and Modeling User Group (RPSMUG).  RPSMUG is a non-profit organization made up of individuals, organizations and corporations from national and international government, academic and private industry sectors having an interest in radiation process modeling.

The purpose of RPSMUG is to:

● Facilitate education, training and enhance communication among those engaged in radiation process modeling and simulation, and to encourage the safe and appropriate use of simulation and modeling in the design and execution of radiation processing events.

● Develop safe and appropriate practices, methods and benchmarks for use in radiation-based processing and quality assurance.

● Make written recommendations on, and if deemed necessary by the Voting Membership, generate standard guidelines related to radiation process modeling and simulation.

● Develop and deliver training and educational seminars.

RPSMUG is open to all people who are interested in or engaged in any phase of modeling, simulation, allied computer arts and sciences as they apply to radiation processing.  Some of the important benefits of membership are access to the meetings and workshops, participation in the process of dissemination of information on new and emerging technologies, and the opportunity to meet and work with recognized experts involved in radiation process modeling.

Your continued contribution of money and time to our non-profit organization will be used to support our efforts in the execution of benchmarking studies and face-to-face meetings such as the ones sponsored at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), National Physics Laboratory (NPL) and the meeting of the RPSMUG European Chapter. Planning is already underway for the next meeting to be held during Q4 2008. Look for updates in the coming months.

RPSMUG membership provides direct access to the members only section of our website www.RPSMUG.org. Recent posting to the website include significant information on electron benchmarks of multiple MC codes. Gamma benchmark work is being scheduled now. It also provides access and the ability to comment on SALMode a dose establishment program which links tailorable dose establishment software with the sterilization process.

Another benefit of RPSMUG membership is access to tailored training classes in modeling and simulation. PK-Trainer, the photon point kernel routine that produces a realistic model and simulation of a cobalt-60 irradiator, is being used by RPSMUG to conduct training for individuals and companies in radiation processing. Relevant methods and issues are discussed, often times in a hands-on learning environment.

Further information on the organization, its mission and bylaws, and copies of relevant papers presented at RPSMUG and related meetings are available on the organization's Web site: www.RPSMUG.org.  From there, you can investigate the activities of the group and see our plans for the future.  Joining RPSMUG will give you the opportunity to participate in making those plans happen.

Please note that the dues for July 2008 - June 2009 are $300.00 US.

Dues for groups of 4 members are available for the dicounted fee of $1000.00 US.

Accepted forms of payment include:

1. A bank check payable to:

P.O. Box 605
Dunn Loring
Virginia 22027-0605 USA

2. Credit card

For your convenience, RPSMUG has also established a method for paying online by credit card.

This option is available through our website (www.RPSMUG.org), and offers the convenience of accepting a number of foreign currencies.

Or including your Visa/MasterCard number on the application form.

Use this link to the application form. Please fill it out and forward it to the address given on the form along with your payment if paying via the attached application. The application form and payment must be received by June 30, 2008.

We look forward to your continued support of RPSMUG and its important activities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the activities of RPSMUG, please feel free to contact me (President, RPSMUG) at 704-588-8914 or

at president@RPSMUG.org

Questions for the Treasurer can be sent to Penny Luxich at 908-218-2522 or treasurer@rpsmug.org.

I encourage you to visit the RPSMUG website regularly to receive additional information, content, and updates on our activities. 



Stephen C. Yeadon

President, RPSMUG