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This library contains all the presentations, papers and reference documents of interest to those involved with radiation processing modeling. It is intended for use by RPSMUG members-only.
We are continually adding to this body of knowledge in our quest to expand the use of mathematical modeling and simulation as applied to radiation processing. Should you have any reference material that would be of interest to other RPSMUG members please submit them to support@rpsmug.org


Paper or Presentation Document

Where Presented or Published


Bett, Roger Harwell Alanine Dosimeters RPSMUG, (NIST) Gaithersburg, USA 2003, April 23
Buston, Martin J.; Peter K.N. Yu, Tsang Cheung, Peter Metcalfe Radiochromic film for medical radiation dosimetry Materials Science and Engineering, Elsievier R41 (2003) 61-120 2003
Calvert, Glenn W. Alanine Dosimetry and Irradiation Temperature Effects RPSMUG, (NIST) Gaithersburg, USA 2003, April 23
Cleland, M.R.; R.A. Galloway, T.F. Lisanti Electron Beam Processing - Physical Principles IMRP 11, Melbourne, Australia 1999, March
Cleland, Marshall; Richard Galloway, Frederic Genin & Mikael Lindholm The Use of Dose and Charge Distributions in Electron Beam Processing IMRP 12, Avignon, France 2001, March
Cleland, M.R.; T.F. Lisanti, R.A. Galloway Comparisons of Theoretical and Experimental Electron Energy vs Range Equations IMRP 2003 Chicago, USA 2003, Sept
Cleland, M.R.; R.A. Galloway Electron Energy Determination from Depth-Dose Distributions RPSMUG, (NIST) Gaithersburg, USA 2003, April 23
Cleland, Marshall Applications of the ITS3 Tiger One-Dimensional Monte Carlo Code for Electron Beam Processing ASTM Dosimetry Workshop, St. Adele, Canada 2004, Oct
Cleland, Marshall: R.A.Galloway, A.H. Heiss, J.R. Logar Comparisons of Absorbed Dose Measurements with Monte Carlo Calculations for High-Current Electron Beams RPSMUG, Brussels, BELGIUM 2006, October 10
Cleland, Marshall Dosimetry with Low-Energy Electron Beams ASTM E10.01 Radiation Processing Committee Meeting, Norfolk, VA, USA 2007, June 24

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